Heat Warnings in effect for most of Missouri (PHOTO: National Weather Service)

MISSOURI — Relief from seemingly endless rain has finally come, but now summer temperatures are skyrocketing sending most of Missouri into an Excessive Heat Warning, Monday.

With temperatures expected to remain in the 90s throughout the week, public facilities are preparing to offer relief to area residents. Various public buildings will become cooling stations this week, providing air conditioning and water to community members.

Ann Burchett, Public Information Supervisor for the Livingston County Health Center, said this simple service can make a significant impact on the community.

“It’s not that they do anything special,” Burchett said. “But most of these places are equipped with air conditioning and … water fountains, a place to sit down … just a place to come in out of the heat, and they’re all open during the hottest part of the day.”

Heat index values the week of July 13 – July 17 are expected to reach above 100, causing dangerous conditions for those exposed for an extended period of time.

With an Excessive Heat Warning in effect for most of the area, Burchett said it is extremely important to be alert and take caution.

“It can be life threatening,” Burchett explained. “The dangers of excessive heat are nothing to take lightly. Everyone should really take it serious during this weather, to stay hydrated and keep cool as much as they can.”

For a complete listing of cooling stations in your area, contact your county health center, or call 2-1-1.

Tips to prevent heat illness:

  1. Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day (mid/late afternoon)
  2. Stay on the lowest floor of your home
  3. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing
  4. Wear a hat or use an umbrella to block the sun
  5. Avoid extreme temperature changes (going from extreme heat to extreme cool)
  6. Avoid cooling down to quickly (cooling down too fast can lead to hypothermia)
  7. Limit outdoor activity
  8. Keep hydrated (carry water and drink continuously)
  9. Avoid beverages high in sugar, caffeine and alcohol
  10. Avoid foods with excess salt