Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Photograph courtesy of the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Governor Jay Nixon has canceled the execution date for a Kansas City man. Allen Nicklasson, 41, was scheduled to be put to death on October 23rd.

He was convicted of killing “Good Samaratin” Richard Drummond in 1994 after the Excelsior Springs man offered a ride to Nicklasson and two companions, Dennis Skillicorn and Tim DeGraffenreid. Court records indicate the trio was traveling to Kansas City to obtain illegal drugs. Drummond offered to take them to a phone, and they kidnapped him, dragged him into the woods near Higginsville, and shot the man.

Nixon’s announcement calls for the Department of Corrections to modify the State’s execution protocol to include a different form of lethal injection, citing concerns about the use of propofol. The Attorney General will request the Missouri Supreme Court to set a new execution date.

Nicklasson’s execution had been set to be the country’s first-ever using propofol.

Propofol is the leading anesthetic used in America’s hospitals in clinics. The European Union has threatened to limit the export of propofol if it was used in a U.S. execution. Nearly 90 percent of the nation’s propofol comes from Europe.

The leading propofol maker, Fresenius Kabi, and anesthesiologists had warned of a possible propofol shortage that could impact millions of Americans.

Statement from Governor Jay Nixon

“As Governor, my interest is in making sure justice is served and public health is protected. That is why, in light of the issues that have been raised surrounding the use of propofol in executions, I have directed the Department of Corrections that the execution of Allen Nicklasson, as set for October 23, will not proceed. I have further directed the Department to modify the State of Missouri’s Execution Protocol to include a different form of lethal injection. The Attorney General will immediately request a new execution date for Allen Nicklasson from the Missouri Supreme Court.”

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