The state of Missouri ranks in the top ten in production of several traditional crops including corn, soybeans, hay and cattle.  While the majority of farm acres are used for those traditional Midwestern crops some farms have ventured into other branches of the industry.Farhmeier Farms is a 3rd generation family farm in Lafayette County.  While the ground was once a traditional row crop and livestock operation the business has changed with the times.  Produce Manager Brett Fahrmeier says in the past half century the property has been used for a number of agricultural purposes..


Produce Manager Brett Fahrmeier. The majority of the tomatoes are raised in high tunnels. The system allows earlier planting so tomatoes can be harvested sooner.

This equipment is used to place the plants into plastic that is laid over the planting area.

By a “rather large garden” he means a full-fledged produce operation that supply’s a wide array of locally grown vegetables.  Then of course, there’s the winery too.  It’s certainly not the same type of operation started on the property so many decades ago..FahrmeierFarms-2-ja
As someone raised on a traditional row crop and livestock farm, Fahrmeier says there’s a lot of similarities when compared to their current non-traditional operation..FahrmeierFarms-3-ja

With a limited shelf life on something like a tomato the fruit is vine ripened.  The from the time it’s plucked till it lands in front of a consumer is short…


Peppers are one of the many crops raised on the farm.

Just like any business, anyone considering a leap into a new branch of agriculture is encouraged to lay out a plan…FahrmeierFarms-6-ja

From growing a multitude of vegetables for the market to grapes in the vineyard and a seedless variety for the family fruit bowl, Fahrmeier says they enjoy the variety and idea of trying new stuff..


A good question and words of wisdom I find hard to follow-up.

Cauliflower is raised out in the open. As the plant grows the leaves are used as a shield from the sun by tying the leaves over the head. That allows the bloom to ramain white versus turning yellow from too much sun.

Some tomatoes are raised in the standard greenhouse.

Strawberries, bedding plants and flowers share another structure at Fahrmeier Farms.