The Livingston County Library has an opportunity for families to spend a night out together.

Children’s Librarian Candy Warren talks about what is planned for Thursday evening and why the library holds these monthly events.

Candy Warren

“What we plan on doing is having various board games available for families. The games will include beginner games such as Candyland all the way up to more advanced games,” Warren said.

“We just thought that the playing (of) games would be an excellent way for families to kind of spend time together in an unhurried and enjoyable environment.”

Family Game Night runs from 6 to 7 p.m. Warren says it’s perfect for children over 4 years of age up to adults, and everyone is urged to get a book to take home afterwards.

Candy Warren2

“It just has to be done before 7 p.m. when the library closes and we always have books available. We try to pull books on the subject of the Family Fun Night and have those available for quick check out,” she explained.

“Or, of course they’re welcome to come and go as the program is going on to check out books.”

The library is located at 450 Locust St in downtown Chillicothe. Learn more by visiting the Livingston Co. Library website.