A leader in Missouri agriculture is disappointed with the lack of movement on farm legislation.  KMZU’s Janet Adkison has that story.



Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst.

The Farm Bill has been up for discussion in the nation’s capitol with no end in sight.  Instead of tackling the long term legislation the US House of Representative passed a disaster aid package in an effort to assist livestock producers struggling through this summer’s drought.  The House has now recessed for 5-weeks as the campaign season jumps into full swing. 
Meanwhile, the $383 million proposal has become another point of contention between the House and Senate with the upper chamber urging the house to complete work on the Farm Bill instead of approving the short term measure.  In response, the Senate refused to take up the temporary fix and adjourned too. 
With farmers facing tightening forage and water supplies, Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst finds the actions disappointing…


In June the Senate passed their version of the Farm Bill.  The House Agriculture Committee approved a 5-year version in July but the measure has not made it to the fulll chamber.  The legislation includes disaster asistance that Hurst says is needed to maintain the US breeding herd..   


It’s hoped that lawmakers will tackle the Farm Bill after they return from the summer recess next month.  The current farm legislation expires at the end of September.