Channel offers U.S. farmers a new was of doing busines.  KMZU’s Janet Adkison has that story..  Sept 4 PM News Tues – Channel===========================

In a short four years time, Channel has become the 4th largest seed corn brand in the country and a leading provider of soybeans.  Brand lead Morgan Dugan says it’s the service and expertise that allows them to help farmer’s maximize productivity…  FP channel-1-ja

As the brand expands Dugan says growers can look forward to more options.  FP Channel-2-jaAccording to Dugan, the roll out means Channel will have about 50 new varieties in soybeans with the Roundup Ready to Yield technology. However, following the drought stricken growing season, farm country is wondering if enough seed corn will be available when it’s time for spring planting.  FP Channel-3-jaClick here to listen to the full interview with KMZU’s Janet Adkison and Channel’s Morgan Dugan  Channel – Morgan Dugan