Valent is helping growers tackle weed resistence head on.  KMZU’s Janet Adkison has that story…Sept 1 Farm News – Valent
In the farm sector weed resisitance is a problem that keeps expanding and gaining a stronghold on some of the best crop acreage in the midwest.  Valent Product marketing manager Trey Soud says the company is zeroing in on efforts to help growers meet the resistance challenge..  Valent-1-ja

According to Soud, the compond within the product has been offering great results..  Valent-2-ja

Valent Product marketing manager Trey Soud.

Valent field market specialist Dawn Refsell

Registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for soybeans is expected in the next few months.  The initial focus for Fierce will be in southern regions where resistant waterhemp is most common.  On another note, the early harvest this year means growers should take extra precation as they plan for the year ahead.

Field market specialist Dawn Refsell encourages growers to take steps now to avoid greater problems ahead.. Valent-3-ja

Then follow up this fall… Valent-4-ja