The Missouri Soybean Association will host a district meeting in conjunction with the Chillicothe Young Farmers group Thursday (Feb. 7).  Spokesperson J.P. Dunn says the conversation will focus on industry possibilities.

“One thing that we’ll be talking about is the expansion of biodiesel plants here in the state of Missouri and our need for more soybean oil to feed those plants,” he says.  “We’ll focus quite a bit on higher yields for soybeans just so we’re producing more soybeans per acre.”

Regarding improved production Dunn says “if we’re crushing those beans for oil and we have a greater quantity of them then that’s going to mean that we need a home for all that soybean meal.”

A possible outlet for the additional commodity would be hog facilities built near cropland.

“As opposed to placing larger facilities close to feed mills or close to packing plants.”  He says “this business model is really centered on the efficiency of spreading the manure on that crop ground and the value of those nutrients.”

The meeting will be held at 6:30 in the Litton Ag Education Center.  Dinner will be provided.  For more information call 660-646-3414