The Farmers’ Electric Cooperative wants the public to be aware of a scam involving counterfeit capital credit checks.

Click to hear KMZU’s Brad Hartman talk with Manager of Member Services Steve Shoot:

Steve Shoot

Press Release from the Farmers’ Electric Cooperative

This is the time of year many electric cooperatives are notifying their member-owners that they will be receiving capital credit allocations in the near future. In fact, the member-owners of Farmers’ Electric Cooperative were notified in the November Rural Missouri magazine that the Board of Directors of the cooperative had approved the issuance of over $642,000, which will be mailed in mid-December.

“Unfortunately, there appears to be scam involving capital credits at a couple of Missouri electric cooperatives and someone is attempting to steal money from its members,” said Steve Shoot, Manager of Member Services for Farmers’ Electric Cooperative.

Shoot said counterfeit checks that appear to be capital credit checks from the electric cooperative are being sent with bogus sweepstakes letters from entities claiming to be the “Canadian Sweepstakes,” “Mega Million Sweepstakes” or “Publisher’s Clearinghouse.” All in all, Shoot said, this scam is now operating in 18 different states.

“Recipients of the counterfeit checks are being asked to deposit these checks and write a check for a similar amount to a foreign authority to claim sweepstakes winnings totaling $550,000,” said Shoot. “The FBI and the Postmaster General have been contacted, but at this time it is unknown who is behind this specific scam.”