The Board of Directors at Farmer’s Electric Cooperative has unanimously voted to issue credits. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Spokesperson Chasity Anderson:

Chasity Anderson

The checks that are going to be issued next week, they’re actually going to be the remaining portion of the 1991 allocation amounts,” said Anderson. “And each margin, they’re allocated to individual members based on their specific usage over a specific time period. So, as I mentioned, this is going to be from 1991. So members who have been with us that long, who were members in 1991, should receive a check sometime within the first two weeks of December.”

The funds total $588,000.

“Returning our margins, otherwise known as profits, to our members is just one way electric cooperatives are different than any other utility. Because we are not-for-profit.  And it’s something, of course, as everyone must realize, that our members appreciate being able to get that money back.”

Anyone who expecting a check, but doesn’t receive one by December 15th, is encouraged to contact the Coop at (660) 646-4281 and ask for Joyce.