The father of the six-month old baby girl died on the 31st of January is speaking out about the loss of his only daughter.

Prosecutors say Betsy Atkison suffered from pneumonia, severe malnutrition and neglect.

Lonnie Anders is the baby’s father and he says he started visiting his daughters grave a few day after she was buried and continues to visit the site daily.

Betsy’s mother has since been charged in her death. DeShelle Atkison, is charged will with abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death and endangering the welfare of a child.

Anders did not live at the same home, but visited Betsy regularly and said she was thin and wheezing and he had noticed his baby’s health was deteriorating.

According to Anders, he begged Atkison to take their daughter to the hospital, but, “She kept saying ‘That baby’s fine. That baby’s fine,’” he said.

When asked why he did nothing when he saw his child’s health failing, he responded by saying he’s not listed on Betsy`s birth certificate, so he was worried the mother would have him arrested for taking the child without her consent.

He says now he should have taken the kidnapping charge.

Overwhelmed with regret, Anders is left only with memories of his little girl, as he wonders who she could’ve grown to become, if only given the chance.

Atkison made her first court appearance Monday, she’s due in court again on June 4.