COLUMBIA, Mo.—To celebrate 100 years of serving farmers, farm-related businesses and rural communities, Farm Credit System (FMain_Horiz hr SPOToutlinesCS) Financial is launching a new foundation which will provide $1 million for Missouri’s rural communities and agriculture.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Fisher talk to FCS Financial CEO David Janish.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Fisher speak with John Baker, Executive Director at Community Foundation of Central Missouri.

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Fisher talk to David Russell, Board Chair at Community Foundation of Central Missouri

The FCS Financial Rural Community and Agriculture Foundation seeks to support the cooperative’s long-term commitment to a thriving and prosperous agricultural industry and rural communities in Missouri.

The FCS Financial board of directors approved the creation of the Foundation and the initial funding of the $1 million.

“Our business is really agriculture, from small farms to large farms, livestock, row crop, agribusinesses, so we really serve all of agriculture, so it’s really not targeted towards any specific sector within the agriculture industry,” said David Janish, CEO of FCS Financial.

Requests to the Foundation will be managed by an advisory committee of three FCS Financial employees and three FCS Financial board members. The committee will review all applications and vote on approvals for submission to the Community Foundation of Central Missouri (CFCM) for funding from the Foundation. Approvals will be focused on targeted, long-term investments and will typically be non-recurring.


David Janish, CEO, FCS Financial

“The benefit of this fund is that it’s really a long-term commitment, an ongoing commitment rather than a year-to-year involvement that we have today,” said Janish. “It really does set the stage for a longer-term commitment to the rural communities across Missouri in the counties that we serve.”

All applications must serve the Foundation’s mission statement and meet the CFCM requirements for funding. If your organization has a project tied to agriculture or a rural community and would like to apply for funding from the Foundation, you will need to send the following information:

  • A brief summary outlining the project
  • Identify how your project will benefit our industry or a rural community
  • A projected timeline for completion
  • Contact information
  • A proposed budget for the project

FCS Financial also serves the community beyond the 21 branch locations in Missouri. Employees are urged to engage in local fairs and fair boards, school boards and community organizations, and youth organizations like 4-H and FFA.

“We have always had a very strong commitment to rural communities in agriculture,” said Janish. “What really spurred it was this being the 100th anniversary of the Farm Credit System. We wanted to do something that was significant which highlighted the 100th anniversary and celebrate our 100 years and look forward because this really isn’t about just the past 100 years, it’s also about the next 100 years.”