It’s a bittersweet moment when the school year comes to a close.  It’s summer vacation but it’s also the time teachers and students to part ways.  High school seniors move on to the next chapter in life while teachers and underclassmen have a chance to visit as they cross paths between classes. 
However, that’s not the case for Stet.  Due to budget constraints this will be the final year kids and faculty walk the hallways of the aged buildings. 


That’s Stet FFA Advisor Katy Mino (my-no) who says the forthcoming changes have been a challenge..


Despite some of the controversy that’s surrounded the school’s closure, the chapter has remained active and will have a lot of memories revisit..


The proficiency awards are given to students who excell in the development of their SAE, or Supervised Agriculture Experience project.   Amy Neumann, who Mino just mentioned, has used her project as a high school job… 


Neumann spends hours not only baking the cakes but decorating her creations for weddings, birthdays and other occassions.  Her passion for baking will also carry her into a higher education…


Though the book will close on the Stet chapter, the FFA members passion for the organization will carry on.  As they transistion to the new schools, many of the surrounding chapters have extended an invitation to the new incoming members to run for a chapter office.