Chillicothe FFA members participate in the Food Science and Technology class.

Mr. Black’s Food Science and Technology class at the Litton Agriculture Education Center are putting a new meaning to the phrase “Learning by Doing” with the processing of a lamb at the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center. The lamb was raised by a FFA member, Dani Moore, and then purchased by funds provided by the Missouri Sheep Merchandising Council and the Chillicothe FFA Chapter. The students are going through all the steps from pasture to plate.  This class does not only include information on cooking and preserving, but also processing, preparing, and of course enjoying the products of their labor.  The students observed the live animal at the Litton Center and talked about where the different cuts of meat came from on the animal.  Then the students took a trip to Singer Locker to learn and observe the kill process as well as how the locker processes the meat.  After help from Singer Locker the quarters of lamb were brought back to the classroom and students were given the opportunity to cut the quarters into the cuts of meat a person can buy at the grocery store. Within the next few weeks the class will prepare and enjoy a leg of lamb.  The remainder of the lamb will be packaged and frozen to later be served at the annual Chillicothe FFA Banquet.

Chillicothe FFA Advisor Rusty Black discusses the different cuts of meats that are found on grocery store shelves.

Story provided by Chillicothe FFA