KMZU’s Sandi Wilson spoke to Sedalia Deputy Chief Greg Harrell about the department offering tours.

Greg Harrell

As part of Fire Prevention Week, the Sedalia Fire Department is putting emphasis on the tours of their stations. Deputy Chief Greg Harrell says the brand new headquarters was opened in February this year.

Tours are actually offered all year long at the department and according to Deputy Chief Harrell, the length and content of tours vary depending on the primary members of a tour group. He says, “A group of preschoolers don’t have a wide attention span and all they really want to see is where we sleep and the firetrucks.” For groups like boy scouts, adults and church groups there is more content such as what equipment is called and how it is used.

One thing Deputy Chief Harrell wants to make clear is, ““We keep trying to tell the citizens the apparatus we have, the equipment we use, and the stations we work out of don’t belong to the fire department. They belong to the taxpayers and we’re merely the caretakers. This is their product, their item, their property. We’d love to have them come take a look at it and see how we take care of it and what we use it for; for their safety.”

Tours are offered at all the facilities within the Sedalia Fire Department and you can schedule yours by contacting Fire Inspector Jamie Volk at 660-826-8044 or by email at