Reports of a firearm in the Livingston County Courthouse prompted a response from the Sheriff and Chillicothe Police department Monday afternoon.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, a reliable source informed them of a man’s intention to kill himself in front of his parole or probation officer and the Judge.  Law enforcement responded to the scene, where they found the suspect to be unarmed and compliant.  No charges are being sought in the incident.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office:

On the afternoon of September 24, Deputy/Bailiff Jim Fox and Sheriff Cox were conducting Court security in the Livingston County Courthouse as both Circuit Court and Associate Circuit Court were in session. The sheriff received reliable information that a man was allegedly plotting to take a firearm into the Courthouse and end his life in front of the Judge and/or his probation officer. Due to a black out of service (all Livingston County deputies were tied up on other matters away from Chillicothe) the sheriff requested assistance from the Chillicothe Police as the suspect was possibly on his way to the building. Emergency intervention steps were initiated upon arrival of the suspect; who was very compliant and apologetic to the officers and staff. The individual was found to be unarmed and he remained completely cooperative and well behaved throughout the afternoon. No addi tional charges are being sought and the assistance from the Chillicothe Police was very much appreciated.