Serghei P. Comerzan

UPDATE : Jurors could not come to a unanimous decision Friday regarding charges of murder against an Audrain County man.  A vehicle pursuit in 2015 involving Sergei Comerzan ended with the death of state trooper, James Bava, whose patrol car reached speeds of up to 140 mph. The main burden of the trial, was in proving whether or not Comerzan was aware of trooper Bava who was in pursuit behind him. The judge declared a mistrial today to the disappointment of prosecutor, Jacob Shellabarger,  although, he commended the jury for their dedication and focus.  

ST. CHARLES, Mo. — A Mexico man appeared in the St. Charles County Court yesterday to face allegations of second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and resisting arrest.

These charges stem from the death of Trooper James Bava. Serghei Comerzan, 22, was riding a motorcycle at 105 miles per hour in Audrain County when Trooper Bava attempted to stop him.

During the hearing, jurors heard opening statements from both the defendants and the prosecutors. According to KCRG-TV, Jurors heard the 911 call and Bava’s vehicle, which was completely destroyed during the accident.Several witnesses were called forward and all testified to seeing a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed that day.

The trial is scheduled to last through Friday and Comerzan appeared in court again this morning at 8:30 a.m.