RICHMOND, Mo. – The Richmond City Council opened with a Public Hearing on the 2016 Tax Levy. In documents released prior to the regular session the Finance Dept. shows it decreased from last years rate by a small fraction.

The new rate will be $1.2156 per $100 of assessed value. The complete breakdown of what the rate goes too can be found here.

2016 Tax Levy Ordinance Breakdown

2016 Tax Levy Ordinance Breakdown

There was no comment made by the public and the hearing was closed. Later in the evening Council approved the rate 5-0. Three council members were absent during proceedings, Ward II’s Deanna Guy, Ward III’s Barb Hardwick and Ward IV’s Ron Peterson.

After the Levy hearing was the Mayor’s Report. Mayor Mike Wright recommended the appointment of Rachael Tarrant to the Police Department. Council approved the new member of the force.

City Administrator Ron Brohammer followed with his report and informed those present that sewer spot repairs are almost dome with one more remaining.

He also announced that the Courthouse roof is to be sprayed Saturday (08/27) and Sunday (08/28) and the inner-tier parking lot needs to be cleared so over-spray does not get on vehicles.

To complete his report, Brohammer informed council that once funds are available and approved, they will move ahead with the upgrade if the city gym. That work will include the removal of asbestos and the old bleachers. The installation on a new floor and new bleachers.

Ward I Councilman Tom Williams asked why new bleachers are needed, and Administrator Brohammer and Councilman Kinnard pointed out the bleachers are difficult to move and are antiquated, since they have been a part of the gym since the 1950’s.

Up next was the presentation of the drafted Fiscal Year 2017 Budget. Those present were given a 29-page booklet with the complete plan. Some of those graphics and numbers are posted below.

To quickly summarize the projected general fund budget will total $3,320,397 consisting of operating costs for Administration, Municipal Court, Police, Fire, Streets and other departments.

Compared to the actual budget of fiscal year 2016 it is $96,973 less. Again those comparisons can be seen posted below.

A complete look at the proposed budget is available by contacting Richmond City Hall at 1-816-776-5304.

A public hearing before the approval if the budget is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 13, 2016, during the next regular session.

The budget will include some pay scale changes, addition of officers if the newly passed use tax provides the revenue to make those additions possible.

The entire presentation by Administrator Brohammer can by clicking the button below.