Enbridge is making significant headway with the Flanagan South Pipeline in Lafayette County. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Presiding Commissioner Harold Hoflander:

Harold Hoflander

The company has about 11 miles in the southeast portion of the County. “This last week they did the first cut on a county road. And those are not under board; they will will cut all of the gravel roads,” said Hoflander, “And that was Liter Road, on the east side of the county. And, as far as I know, that has been completed now, and so they will move to other county roads within the next few days to weeks.”

The county is benefiting financially from the inconvenience. “We received some tax money back in July, August of this year. And that is due to the pipe that was stored at their Concordia yard. And that will be dispersed among the special road districts and the cities within the county. It will be the middle of November. ”

The one-time distribution is worth a total of about $620,000.