Orrick, MO – Orrick got several inches of rain during yesterday’s afternoon torrential downpour. The MFA in Orrick said their rain gauge overflowed and several farmers are reporting around 8 inches of rain.

Flash flooding caused the evacuation of a home in a low lying area off Highway 210 in Orrick, according to Ray County Chief Deputy Brain Bush. Orrick Fire Department assisted in 3 water rescues around 1 p.m. Thursday.

Crossroads gas station on Breshears Rd. will be closed over the weekend cleaning up mud inside the store.

Samantha Dorton works for Crossroads and says they were able to save a lot of merchandise. Dorton said the Orrick Fire Department then came in and assisted the workers to safety.

No one was injured and Crossroads hopes to be open by Sunday.

May 28, 2020 flooding in Orrick, MO causes store to close for two days.