Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Justin Aldred speak with Lee’s Summit Police Department Chaplain, Dave Moore:

josh ward 1

An officer with the Lee’s Summit Police Department was recently diagnosed with a potentially life threatening bacterial infection. This invasion is more commonly seen in the throat; however when the bacterium, Streptococcus, makes its way into a person’s body via openings in the skin, the asperity increases significantly. Lee’s Summit Police Department Chaplain, Dave Moore, said that Detective Josh Ward, a father of three, husband, and 9 year veteran officer was determined to have the necrotizing fasciitis approximately two weeks ago. Moore stated that he believed the media had picked up on that being more commonly known as a “flesh eating bacteria,” and that, “He’s gotten quite a bit of attention because of the seriousness of the condition and the severity of it.”

Currently, Detective Ward is reported to be in the ICU in critical condition and while this skin eating microorganism is very rare; doctors are using an effective treatment more commonly used on burn victims. Chaplin Moore explained how Ward will most likely be dealing with this infection and the side effects of it for many months but also stated that his progression towards recovery advances daily.

The family is asking for prayers. Anyone wishing to support the community servant is encouraged to contact the Lee’s Summit Police Department at (816) 969-1700 for opportunities to engage in fundraising events or visit Wards GoFundMe site.