Emergency officials from up and down the Missouri River are gathering each day at 11 a.m. for a conference call on the flooding.

After that call Carroll County Sheriff Troy Hofstetter comes to the KMZU studios for a report.

Click to hear KMZU’s Chris Clift talk with Sheriff Hofstetter:

Flood Update 7 June 2011

There were some technical difficulties with the Tuesday conference call.

Hofstetter says officials are communicating by email, with plans of getting the daily call back on track Wednesday.

One piece of good news comes from Gavins Point Dam, which is now projecting a release of 130,000 – 140,000 cubic feet per second of water.

That compares to a projection of 150,000 cfs that was issued on Monday.

According to Hofstetter they are watching the rain in the forecast and should have a better idea on what will happen sometime later in the week.