A large winter snowpack upstream on the Missouri River, in addition to excessive rains this spring has farmers and communities along the Missouri River on high alert.

Kansas City District Corps of Engineers Chief of Emergency Management Jud Kneuvean says water scheduled for release later this month will add to the problem.

Audio:  Judd Kneuvean

The excess precipitation has been an issue for the past several months.  Downstream residents want to know why water  has not been gradually released over that extended period of time.

Audio:  Judd Kneuvean 2

Adding to concerns, some levees along the river have not been repaired from last spring.  Kneuvean says funding to repair those levees fell through but says the Corps will continue to pursue funding and offer emergency assistance to those areas in need. 

The release of water at the Gavin’s Point Dam is scheduled for the week of June 15, 2011.