MISSOURI — Fly fishing can be a difficult skill to learn and be overwhelming for a beginning angler.

However, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is providing new fishermen a way to learn these skills before they take to the water.

In this edition of Newsmaker, KMZU’s Dan Watson chatted with Chelsea Clever, Angler Education Assistant for the Northeast Region with the Missouri Department of Conservation, about the basics of fly fishing, any special permits that might be needed and an upcoming workshop near Macon that provides an educational opportunity on the art of tying flies.

Click below to hear their conversation which aired Friday on KMZU.

According to Clever, there will be three types of flies that workshop participants will have the chance to tie.

“Everybody gets to tie three flies because we’re holding several different workshop across the region,” Clever said, ” . . . we are going to tie a Renegade, a Crackleback and a Midriff Stud.”

Clever also highlights that some flies are not exclusively for fly rods,  but can be used on spinner and casting rods as well.

“As long as it a true wet fly and has some weight to it, you can actually use it on a casting rod and reel or a spinning rod and reel.”

A fly rod can also be used to catch fish that are outside the traditional trout and salmon.

“A lot of people think that you can only use a fly rod whenever you’re after trout or salmon and that it totally not the case,” stated Clever, “you can use a fly rod whenever you’re fishing for blue gill or bass.”

The workshop near Macon will take place at Long Branch Lake State Park at the Army Corps of Engineers Visitor Center.

For more information about the workshop, or to register, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.