Chris Mallett is the Corporate Vice President of Research and Development for Cargill.

The Agriculture Innovations Media Summit brought together a varied list of industry representatives with one key idea in mind, agriculture sustainability.  With the world population forecast to reach around 9-billion people by the year 2050 the ag industry is zeroing in on methods to feed more people on the same amount or fewer acres, and to do so in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner.
Though BASF is a chemical company with its agricultural focus on crops, the corporation also collaborates with those in the livestock sector in an effort to better meet demands of expanding consumption.
One of the guest speakers was Chris Mallett, the Corporate Vice President of Research and Development with Cargill.  While the US agriculture industry strives to generate food for the growing population, Mallet says it won’t be accomplished by one country alone….

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Mallet predicts developing countries will be key to increased food supplies….

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Farmers in developing countries lack access to a variety of things….


Which, Mallet says will raise their own standard of living and help medicate children.  Another necessity is revenue certainty…

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Other key points include crop insurance, the opportunity for land ownership and improved infrastructures to allow farmers easier access to domestic and foreign markets.   As a whole developing countries also need stable governments with legal and business structures.
In one example of Cargill’s effort to improve sustainability Mallet says the company has trained farmers in Vietnam to raise sustainable Cocoa.   The company will also train more than 25,000 farms along the Ivory Coast in a similar way so they may gain certification from international organizations promoting sustainable agriculture.


Indiana farmer Brent Bible.

Brent Bible employs sustainable practices on his Indiana farm.  Click to hear KMZU’s Janet Adkison talk with Brent about his operation…

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