A public private partnership has pledged one-million dollars for the creation of the world’s first Global Food Safety Fund for capacity building.  To be managed by the World Bank, the proposed fund will leverage the tripartite approach pioneered in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation that enlists a wide range of stakeholders in training programs designed to enhance food safety and to facilitate trade. 

These programs will promote understand and utilize preventive controls – resulting in safer food for consumers, and fewer safety incidents in food trade. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk  says – I expect this powerful collaboration among food safety officials, industry experts, academics and other stakeholders can have an enduring impact on food trade, as well as on public health and food security, and I encourage continued efforts by these stakeholders to mobilize additional resources towards these goals.  Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the U.S. food and Drug Administration, says – The food supply is global.  We must help build strong food safety systems around the world, and create global coalitions of regulators and information networks that promote prevention-focused, risk- based assignment of resources and leverage the efforts of public and private partners. This partnership is a step in that direction.