Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue was joined by three former Agriculture Secretaries from both sides of the isle last week as they called on Congress to pass the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Obama’s Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack, says getting the USMCA done is good for all jobs just not those in agriculture.

“Thirty percent of all farmers crops are exported,” Vilsack said.“Not only will this help support farm income, but export-related jobs are typically higher paying jobs than others.”

Dan Glickman was Ag Secretary under the Clinton Administration and agreed that this needs to be signed. He said there is never going to be a perfect deal.

Regan’s  Ag Secretary , John Block,  says the USMCA deal is better and it’s time to sign it.

“NAFTA was good but this USMCA is better,” Glickman said. “We all know it’s better, it’s time to sign it and move onto the next.”

Three-hundred-twenty-five thousand jobs are tied to the nearly 40 billion dollars in agriculture products that are shipped to Canada and Mexico annually.

Photo: Missouri Soybean Association