A negotiation between the Excelsior Springs School District #40 and the city’s Parks and Recreation Board has some residents up in arms.  The two entities came together to undertake the “Miracle Field Project”, an additional expansion of the sports facility on the high school campus.  According to former city councilman Ken Fousek, six of the nine members of the Parks and Rec board have direct ties to the school system.  He believes there is a conflict of interest when it comes to the authorization of “maintenance and preservation” funds.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Fousek:

Ken Fousek

Fousek resigned from the city council in May because of Zac Ganzer’s nomination to the Park and Recreation board.  He believes taxpayer funds are not being used appropriately.  “It’s one of those issues that I really believe in that we have to spend money wisely for the taxpayer.  I can go out and spend my own money badly, but you have to be mindful of tax dollars.  I just want the honest truth and things have not been fully forthcoming.  End of story,” Fousek said.

A Sunshine Law request was filed during the city council meeting Monday night.  Mayor Ambrose Buckman did not want to comment on the issue at this time.