CHILLICOTHE, Mo. (AP) – The lawyer for a former Missouri inmate suing a guard and counselor for sexual assault says the state’s attempt to send her back to the same prison will re-traumatize her for no practical reason.

The Kansas City Star reports that the Missouri Attorney General’s Office requested last year that Karen Keil’s original 15-year sentence be restored after a judge reduced some of her charges. Keil was released in 2017 after serving six years in Chillicothe Correctional Center, where she alleges corrections officer Edward Bearden and counselor John Dunn raped her.

Keil’s lawyer, Kent Gipson, says Keil will be eligible for parole if her sentence is restored, but that she would spend months in the Chillicothe prison before getting a hearing. Keil is among three former inmates suing Bearden for sexual assault.

The attorney general’s spokesman declined to comment.