BreAnne Houghtaling observes the judge evaluating her duck’s condition.

Fort Osage FFA members attended local fairs this summer including the Jackson County Fair, District Fair in Marshall, and the Lafayette County Fair.  The students exhibited their SEA projects including garden vegetables, field crops, hay, and livestock.

 At the Jackson County Fair, BreAnne Houghtaling, exhibited her ducks and received blue and red ribbons. Kaitlyn Vann, Kaitlyn Lohman, BreAnne Houghtaling, McKayla Henry, Breannah Henry, Kelsey Couch, Sarah Daubendiek, Makaylin Vanderpool, Mindie Radford, and Kira Jenner, all exhibited their rabbit projects.  Jenner received grand champion for her Junior Mini Rex buck named “Jack”.  All students received blue and red ribbons for their rabbit exhibits. Houghtaling received blue ribbons for her art work and horticulture exhibits she entered and showcased at the Grain Valley Community Center.

Fort Osage FFA members took exhibits to the District Fair in Marshall on July 11th and 12th receiving excellent remarks in the following categories: breeding stock, rabbits, field crops, fruit and vegetables, and horticulture divisions. 

Makaylin Vanderpool calmly holds her rabbits in place at the District Rabbit show in Marshall, MO

• Gold recipients in the horticulture division were: Adam Dickmeyer, Megan Speiser, Kelsey Couch, Sarah Daubendiek, BreAnne Houghtaling, Austin Sims, Breannah Henry, Mindie Radford and McKayla Henry. 

• Silver recipients in the horticulture division were: Kaitlyn Vann, Kaitlyn Lohman, Mindie Radford, BreAnne Houghtaling, Megan Speiser, Sarah Daubendiek, Adam Dickmeyer, and Austin Sims. 

• Gold recipients in the fruits and vegetable division were: Austin Sims, McKayla Henry, Breannah Henry, Megan Speiser, and Sarah Daubendiek. 

• Silver recipients in fruits and vegetables were: Sarah Daubendiek, Adam Dickmeyer, Megan Speiser, McKayla Henry, Breannah Henry, and Mindie Radford. 

• Gold and silver recipients in the field crop division were: Kyle Case, Alex Siefker, and Austin Sims. 

• Livestock Class winners were:

o Kelsey Couch with her Cross-bred senior doe,
o Breannah Henry with her senior Mini Rex buck. 
o Alex Siefker’s two Hereford heifers
o BreAnne Houghtaling’s Buff Orpington and Khaki Campbell ducks.  Houghtaling received Grand Champion for the second year in a row for her water fowl exhibit.

Adam Dickmeyer shows his horse during the Lafayette County Fair.

Fort Osage FFA members Sarah Daubendiek, Adam Dickmeyer, and Alex Siefker exhibited their 4H/FFA projects at the Lafayette County Fair.  Daubendiek showed her horse, receiving high honors in horsemanship and received the Senior Horseman Award.  Daubendiek also received Grand Champion for her Market goat and received a blue ribbon for her breeding doe. Sarah also received the Sr. Showmanship award in goats.   Siefker showed is two Hereford heifers receiving blue ribbons on both in the all other breed division. 

Members will be showing their exhibits at the Cass County Junior Livestock show July 30th – August 2nd and will be taking field crops, horticulture exhibits, and livestock to the state fair in Sedalia.