Fort Osage High School band students walked away with a number of honors at Saturday’s solo and small ensemble festival.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Public Relations Director Stephanie Smith:

Stephanie Smith

Press Release from Fort Osage High School

On Saturday, March 24, Fort Osage High School students participated in the MSHSAA instrumental solo/small ensemble festival. Congratulations to the following students.

The following students earning excellent ratings:
Katie Rose (10)—trumpet solo
Maude Ashby (11), Cristina Hidalgo (12), and Britten Giangrosso (10)—clarinet trio
Matthew Baumler (9)—oboe solo
Kevin Basham (11)—tuba solo
Megan Berry (11)—flute solo
Emily Nelson (12), Makayla Brady (12), Jacob Colyer (12), and Patrick Sullivan (12)—saxophone quartet
Hannah Thatcher (11)—trumpet solo
Matthew Allen (9)—timpani solo
Cristina Hidalgo (12)—clarinet solo
Katie Rose (10), Melissa Long (11), and Ian Collins (11)—trumpet trio

Those student receiving a superior rating and going on to state are:
Revan Hammontree (11)—trombone solo
Makayla Brady (12)—tenor sax solo
Melissa Long (11)—trumpet solo
Matthew Baumler (9)—piano solo
Becca Elder (11), Matthew Baumler (9), and Maude Ashby (11)—Mixed woodwind trio
Maude Ashby (11)—clarinet solo
Alex Siefker (10)—flute solo
Becca Elder (11), Rebecca Lyle (11), Kenzie Bennett (10) and Alex Siefker (10)—flute quartet
Becca Elder (11)—flute solo
Kenzie Bennett (10), Alex Siefker (10), and Megan Berry (11)—flute trio