Certain Sedalia students are being offered a free breakfast every morning this school year. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Assistant Superintendent Steve Tripplett:

Steve Tripplett

Pre-k through 6th grade students have the option of a free breakfast every morning. “The funding is subsidized by our free and reduced federal lunch program that we participate in,” Tripplett said, “And our rate here in Sedalia, our free and reduced rate, is high enough that we think that, financially, this will be a wash for us. And something that we can provide our students without an extra cost to the District.”

Tripplett hopes to eventually spread the program across the whole district. “This year we are kind of piloting that through our pre-K through sixth grade. So we have five elementary schools and a middle school that all of those student, and their faculty and staff, receive a free breakfast to begin their day with every morning.”