By definition, a preventative fungicide application involves applying a fungicide product to a crop before any disease incidence has been spotted. A recent survey by BASF shows that 83 percent of corn and soybean growers, primarily located in the Midwest, agreed that preventative fungicide application is necessary because once disease is present, yield is already lost. However, 57 percent of those surveyed who used a fungicide in 2011 said they make their fungicide application decision in-season, based on weather and/or disease pressure.
Additionally, the BASF grower survey showed several interesting results regarding grower perceptions of fungicides, including: 65 percent of growers surveyed used a fungicide in 2011 and 87 percent those growers said they used a fungicide preventatively, regardless of disease pressure. Larger growers, those with more than 1,000 acres, were more likely to use a fungicide product in 2011, compared to smaller growers. However, smaller operations were more likely to use a fungicide product on a larger percentage of their acres.
NAFB News Service