A Ray County man was in court Tuesday afternoon for a Bond Motion Hearing.

Randy Garrison, 32, was arrested on March 20th after an investigation into the deaths of his two sons. Their bodies were discovered in the burnt out remnants of their rural Orrick home on December 10th. Garrison is charged with two felony counts of alleged abandonment of a child in the first degree. According to the probable cause statement, Garrison’s story changed on several occasions during the investigation. Emergency responders that were on the scene were not able to corroborate some of Garrison’s versions of the events that day.

Garrison’s attorney argued to the judge that the defendant has no criminal record and is a long-time resident of Ray County. The defense also argued that the 10-page probable cause statement, in his opinion, does not constitute the serious charges faced by his client and the bond should be reduced or modified.

The prosecutor argued that the charges brought against the defendant constituted him as a threat to the community and if the bond modification was granted, the defendant needs to be monitored by a GPS device at all times and remain under house arrest for the duration of court proceedings.

After a few moments of deliberation the judge granted the modification of the $100,000 bond. Instead of cash only, Garrison was able to post a corporate surety bond. Garrison’s attorney indicated that his client would post bond at that time. The judge again reminded Garrison that he would be monitored at all times by a GPS bracelet and was to remain inside the state of Missouri.

Garrison will next appear in court on Tuesday, June 10th at 9:30 a.m.