Green Hills Community Action Agency in Trenton is selling surplus items. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with CEO Aaron Franklin:

Aaron Franklin

GHCAA has had monetary issues reaching back three or four years. “The cash flow situation has been an issue. And, really, what it comes down to is there’s some property and some other assets, vehicles, lots of land, that we just don’t need anymore,” said Franklin, “We assessed some of those things. We have a lot of these items still. For instance, we have three vehicles, but it’s also like we’ve duplicated them.”

The items for sale include vehicles, houses, and storefront properties throughought their nine-county service area.

“Another reason we had some of this extra property, mainly in vehicles, is because of the recovery money that the federal government put out there three or four years ago. So this is a good way to relieve ourselves of some of those items and then also increase our cash position.”

Anyone interested in purchasing property is asked to contact the Agency at (660) 359-3907.