North Central Missouri College is currently holding a scholarship campaign titled “Gifts in Action.”  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Director Teresa Cross:

Theresa Cross

“Through the Foundation we have a scholarship committee, and with that committee we’ve just been working to develop the campaign.  And then we will be approaching individuals and businesses who have an interest in supporting the scholarships,” said Cross.

Donations for named endowed scholarships start at $15,000.  The college is also looking for smaller gifts to be put in their Knowlege Fund.

Press Release from North Central Missouri College

A new Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign was announced this week by the North Central Missouri College Foundation. Teresa J. Cross, NCMC Director of Development, remarked, “Contributions to Gifts in Action will assure the growth of endowed scholarship funds, thereby allowing current students as well as generations of future students to pursue their higher education. Our objective is to increase the NCMC Foundation’s Endowed Scholarship Fund to $2 million, which will help the dreams of many deserving students come true.”

Gary Black and Chris Hoffman of Trenton are co-chairmen for the Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign. Gary Black commented, “Since its inception, North Central Missouri College has played an important role in producing fine students and cultivating many leaders who have returned to our Green Hills area of Northern Missouri. Those graduates have continued to four year institutions and technical institutes to complete their studies and many have come home to take positions of leadership in their various hometowns. Other NCMC graduates have moved on to serve in corporations and communities beyond our area, taking with them the strong work ethic and integrity they developed through our local institutions and rural family life. I find it both a personal responsibility and honor to support NCMC in continuing to build the Scholarship Endowment to assist these students. I encourage area citizens and friends of North Central Missouri College to join us in this most important endeavor of helping to educate our future leaders.”

North Central Missouri College provides an affordable, quality education, yet the reality for students shows rising college costs coupled with declining funding sources. For example, there has been a 25% decrease in state aid for students in recent years. In the past, the federal Pell Grant covered most of a qualifying student’s college expenses, but today students need to borrow more funds to pay for their college education. “An increase in NCMC’s endowed scholarship funds will help us remain affordable in spite of government funding shortfalls. This will enable North Central Missouri College to continue attracting and retaining a bright and diverse student body and ultimately provide qualified professionals in a wide variety of fields,” said Ms. Cross.

The Gifts in Action campaign will focus on increasing endowed scholarships in both in the Knowledge Fund (the general scholarship fund) and in named scholarships. An endowed scholarship will provide support for students in perpetuity as the principal is never spent – only the interest. “The establishment of a named scholarship in honor of a family member or in memory of a special friend is a wonderful way to leave a legacy,” commented Ms. Cross. “These endowed scholarships can be awarded in accordance with the donor’s specific wishes.” A named endowed scholarship can be formed with an initial commitment of $15,000, which will allow a gift of $350 (per semester) to be awarded to a student. A named scholarship at the $20,000 level allows $500 (per semester) to be awarded.

Ms. Cross continued, “Every Gift in Action will make a difference in the lives of NCMC students and help our leaders of tomorrow achieve their goal of a higher education. Your Gift in Action will allow scholarship recipients to more fully participate in college life and eventually enter the workplace without crushing debt. Gifts of all sizes are welcome.”

Donations to the Gifts in Action Scholarship Campaign can be accepted by the NCMC Development Office in the Frey Administrative Building on the NCMC campus in downtown Trenton. Further information on the campaign can be obtained by contacting Ms. Cross at 660-359-3948 x1403 or by e-mail at