Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with House of Hope victim advocate Christal Milligan:

Christal Milligan

The holiday season, while joyful for most, can be especially difficult for those families struggling with domestic violence.  Milligan said their organization asks for the donation of gifts for those they serve to make the time a bit easier.  “If they’re in shelter, they can’t go out to get things because it’s very unsafe for them, “said Milligan, “So, we’re collecting basic stuff for moms whether it be makeup, socks, pajamas and the kids are always wanting to make Christmas items for their parents, so craft items are a great idea.  We collect toys for kids of all ages.”

Many of those they serve have left their homes to escape the violence and now have limited options available to them.  “Most of our clients come to us and are in need of clothing and basic stuff that we provide throughout the year,” said Milligan, “But, at Christmas, we just ask that you remember them because it’s very difficult for them to get things for themselves or their children.”

Milligan says they also ask you to keep the organization in mind for end-of-year tax-deductible donations.  “Throughout the year we have needs such as gas money to get clients back and forth from court, to help with utilities in their new home, or prescriptions for medications they need,” said Milligan, “We also have basic needs as an organization such as food to feed the in-shelter clients.  Please remember House of Hope.  When you’re wanting to give to a charitable organization, please consider us.”

The organization can be reached at 660-259-4766, their website, or on Facebook.


It is time once again to collect gifts for the victims of domestic and sexual violence living in our emergency shelter. Holidays are difficult for families struggling with domestic violence. Especially for those families who have had to leave their home to escape violence. In many cases, the victims do not have the money to purchase gifts for their children-and even if they do, it’s not safe to go to the store.

Your support of the Holiday store ensures every child has a special and memorable holiday season. House of Hope appreciates all the communities do to help our victims of abuse.

Families, civic groups and all organizations looking for charities this Christmas, please remember House of Hope. Our wish list is gifts for children and teens: non-violent toys for all ages, art supplies and craft kits, dolls and stuffed animals, MP3 players, videos, movie passes, sports equipment, Wal-Mart cards, billfolds’ for young men, watches for teens, nail polish kits, hoodies for teens, Makeup and perfume for women. Gifts that offer comfort, children’s pajamas, women’s nightgowns and robes, women and children socks and underwear, journals, bath gel and lotions.  Gifts that keep family warm, coats, hats, gloves, for women and children, Gifts for the home, alarm clocks, curling irons and blow dryers, towels and washcloths. DVD players, DVD movies (family orientated.) House of Hope appreciates everything given to help our victims have the best holidays possible. Anyone wanting to volunteer to help with the holiday store or has questions please contact Christal Milligan. 660-259-4766.

House of Hope is a 501 3c, tax deductible organization.

Visit us online at, or on Facebook at House of Hope, Inc.

God bless you this holiday season and merry Christmas.