An initiative called “Respect The Rotation” is focused on the rapid expansion of glyphosate-resistant weeds. The initiative wants to spur grower adoption of the key elements of Integrated Weed Management and to protect weed-control options for years to come. Jason Norsworthy – Associate Professor of Weed Science at the University of Arkansas and a key member of the Weed Science Society of America – says the way the system is currently set up is not sustainable. WSSA is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop guidelines for proper resistance management practices.

Work on the problem is focused on the development of incentives for proper stewardship of glyphosate-tolerant technologies and encouraging proactive management strategies. One proposal is the “Flag the Technology” program. Colored flags are placed around a field to help prevent herbicide misapplication and to warn of technology that is sensitive to potential off-target chemical drift. The colored flags help applicators easily identify what technology is planted to a particular field.

This year – six “Respect the Rotation” field days will be conducted on sites from Nebraska to Ohio to southern Illinois and center on  weed resistance – what the problem is and how to manage it. Bayer CropScience Product Manager Andy Hurst says they’ve teamed with university experts across the Midwest to set up plots that demonstrate glyphosate weed resistance and the best programs available for control based on local conditions.

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