Discussion on the golf course will be discussed at Monday evening’s City Council meeting in Chillicothe. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Ike Holland:

Ike Holland

Council will be looking into the reorganization of the city facility. “We put out, about a month ago or so, an ad for a General Manager. We’ve basically had two managers out at the golf course, and now we’re going to switch to one manager,” said Holland, “Both of them have a possibility of getting that position themselves. So one of them may be in that position. If not, then they’ll stay on in a similar or another position.”

Council will also discuss bids for a heating and air conditioning unit at the animal shelter. “The unit is 20-plus years old. So we’re going to look at just replacing the whole unit. And maybe get some specialized equipment on it so it doesn’t corrode as fast. With all the pet hair and urine and stuff that’s in the air out there, that seems to corrode the heating and cooling unit. So there are some specialty things you can put on these to make them last a little bit longer. So we’re going to look at those options, too.”

Council will also look at the bids received on about 15 vehicles and pieces of equipment that were declared as surplus. Holland said the City received about 75 bids on these items, which is a new record.

Council gathers at 6:30 in City Hall.