Governor Jay Nixon attended a republican caucus this week and spoke to the opposition about Medicaid Expansion under the Federal Affordable Care Act. State Representative Joe Don McGaugh of Carrollton says that a Democratic governor would attend a Republican gathering of this size shows leadership. McGaugh adds there are differences between the two parties on how the expansion should be implemented, but remains hopeful for a compromise.


McGaugh adds the GOP of Missouri must deal with this issue, but find a way to be in control.


If there is no plan agreed upon by 2014 Missouri Tax Dollars will go to other states. Governor Nixon has been touring the state pushing for the federal expansion hoping to insure an additional 300,000 citizens with 100% of the cost covered by the Federal Government for the first three years; after which Missouri would be responsible for 5% of the cost. The federal plan would cover citizens living at 138% above the poverty line, while Republicans want that brought down to 100% and lower