SEDALIA – Governor Mike Parson got some pushback from reporters on Tuesday, asking why he chose not wear a mask or social distance during Missouri Cattleman’s Association’s Steak Fry on Saturday in Sedalia. The governor tweeted pictures of the annual event at the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

“You know, it’s just a choice you got to make. The one thing I know when I go to an event like that, for example, I’m not gonna stand there for 10 minutes or 5 minutes and talk to anybody. I’m going to separate pretty quick,” Parson responded at his Tuesday press conference. “Believe me, if something happens and I feel like I get anything on me, we try to clean it as soon as possible, whether that’s going to a bathroom or hand cleaner. I’m trying to do everything I can as governor to make sure I’m protected when I go out there. Again, you can’t go out as the governor of Missouri and have people stay 6 feet away.”

Parson also referred to Dr. Randall Williams, the state’s health department director, that duration around individuals is also a factor in contracting COVID-19.