Credit: AEI

Full interview w/ Union member:



JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Republican Gov. Eric Greitens is about to make Missouri the 28th state to ban mandatory union fees.

Greitens plans to sign the right-to-work bill into law Monday then travel around the state announcing his support for the measure.

The governor had pledged to sign right to work while on the campaign trail. He and other supporters say it will bring business and jobs to the state. Opponents say it aims to weaken unions and could lead to lower wages.

According to an anonymous union member in the State of Missouri, large unrest is shown at every level in the union workforce. AUM, anonymous union member, also stated, ” Your going to have contractors coming from out of the state and alot of our jobs lost because those out-of-state companies don’t employ workers here in our state.”

Seven of the eight states that surround Missouri already have right-to-work laws, including Kentucky where it passed last month. New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a similar proposal.

Although Greitens touts business and job growth, according to AUM, “It can affect our wages dramatically,  in the states that have right-to-work, employees make 3.2% less per year than a state without the right-to-work law.”

Missouri’s new law will take effect Aug. 28. It exempts contracts in place before then until they expire or are reopened.