MO Governor Jay Nixon

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, Friday, announced his veto of the controversial Right to Work bill.

Missouri would have been the 26th state to adopt the “Right to Work” bill. Critics of the bill claim the bill would lock up business owners in the state. According to Scott Holste, spokesman for the Governor’s office, there were several reasons for the veto.

“This bill, if it became law, would lower wages,” Holste stated. “This is a bill that would interfere with business. The government would interfere with business because the bill would take away the right of a business to decide for itself the way it’s going to run its business.”


Rep. Holly Rehder


Representative Holly Rehder disagrees. She said this bill has been successful now in 25 states.

“Tell me one place, that when Right to Work came into that state, that changed someone’s wages to go lower,” Rehder said. “It hasn’t happened.”

Still, Nixon vetoed House Bill 116, which had bipartisan opposition. Holste says the future of the Bill in the coming Legislative session is unclear, however he believes the veto will be upheld.