About 20 roads have been added to Grain Valley’s emergency snow route removal plan.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Operations Manager Tom Chamberlain:

Tom Chamberlain

According to Chamberlain, the Board of Alderman has adopted a four-route system.  “It is broken down into first priority streets, second priority, and then residential.  The first priority streets are actually called arterial streets.  They help traffic get from within three blocks of a plowed street.  The collector streets are collectors in subdivisions that also link up with the arterial streets.  That leaves the short subdivision streets as residential streets.”

In addition to the removal operations, the city will also set up a phone support system.  “That is a command center for our trucks and our citizens to call into.  Each truck will call in his route as he completes it and it will be logged into the snow command center.  When citizens call in, we can give them the time their street was [plowed].  It shows that all of our streets are covered and we have a record of it,” Chamberlain added.

The city plans to put up about 250 signs along the routes so drivers will know which streets are going to be plowed first.  Crews will begin training Nov. 10.