Alan Lovelace

The man suspected of shooting a woman in the head in a Grain Valley parking lot is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest following a police pursuit in San Diego, California.  According to police, Alan Lovelace, 36, was found early Friday morning after a brief standoff.  Lovelace was a suspect in Tuesday’s shooting of a woman, who has yet to be identified.  She remains in critical condition at an area hospital.

Press Release from the San Diego Police Department

An attempted murder suspect is dead this morning after an early morning police chase through Pacific beach.  The incident started around November 12 (please check with authorities) in Grain Valley Missouri, where the suspect shot his romantic companion (either wife or girlfriend) in the back of the head.  From what we understand, the woman survived, and the suspect fled the state in her stolen Chevrolet venture minivan.  Tonight, police received a phone call from a detective in Grain Valley Missouri, who stated that they were tracking the suspects cell phone, and had it pinging in Pacific Beach.  After a short time, the detectives lost the cell phones signal, but we able to get officers in the general area, where the search began.  Officers on patrol spotted a minivan matching the victims vehicle description, but although it had Missouri plates, they came back to a different car.  Thinking this was the suspect, and that he had switched plates, officers attempted to stop the vehicle in the 700 block of Hornblend, but it failed to yield.  A 40 MPH 15 minute long pursuit then began, with the suspect leading officers to the south dead end of Mission, before becoming confused with the area, and getting trapped at the beach on San Luis Rey Place.  Police surrounded the van, and a 45 minute long stand-off began.  During the stand-off, officer shot out several windows, as well as launching pepper-balls into the cabin.  It was at that point that they saw that the suspect was slumped over in the drivers seat.  A special shield was brought in, and officers approached the van, opened the drivers side door, and discovered the suspect dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, with a small caliber handgun next to him.  The stand-off was over, and the suspect was dead.  Police believe this is the correct suspect, and his identity will be confirmed by the medical examiner.