BRUNSWICK — Bricks started to fall from a building that was scheduled to be razed. A Brunswick volunteer firefighter spotted the potential danger on Tuesday night and sprang into action, according to Mayor Cindy Collier.

“One of our volunteer fire department members was the first person who noticed that there were bricks that had come down onto the entry way of the building. He contacted the property owner, contacted the fire department and everything went into action safely and securely — thank goodness,” Collier told KMZU.

Collier says a contractor is expected to be onsite today to work on the demolition process.

“A contractor was lined up for it a few years ago, and they didn’t show up. The owner has been in conversations with contractors for quite some time. They have been responsible,” she says.

The former Brunswick Hardware store has sat vacant since 1998, she says.

The mayor says she was contacted around 8:15 p.m. and by 9:15 p.m., the the building was secured and electrical power disabled to the nearby street light by Evergy.

“It was a nice team effort, with the Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department, the property owner and neighbors. It was really a great team effort, the way it should be,” she says.