A marijuana-growing facility near Lexington was discovered and destroyed by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department last week.  According to the department, the operation was located on public land along the Missouri River.  After two days of surveillance yielded no suspects, the camp was torn down.  Conservative estimates put the total value of the confiscated marijuana at about $3.7 million.

Press Release from the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department

On September 3rd, 2012, Lafayette County deputies received information from a citizen about Marijuana growing in a wooded area east of Lexington along the river. Deputies responded and discovered a large cultivated Marijuana growing operation on public land in a heavily wooded area along the Missouri River in the area of Northrup Road.

The area contained a makeshift camp, tools, a generator, an irrigation system which pumped water from the river, approximately 60 pounds of Marijuana that had been harvested and was drying, and 920 marijuana plants that were 10 to 12 feet tall that stretched for approximately ¼ mile. After 2 days of surveillance, no one was discovered going into the area. On September 5th, Lafayette County deputies, with the help of the Jackson County Drug Task Force and a member of the highway patrol, removed and destroyed the plants and the camp.

If sold by the pound, a conservative estimate would indicate that the plants would have yielded approximately 1,840 pounds of Marijuana worth an estimated $3,680,000. An estimated street value would be almost twice that amount. The incident is currently under investigation by the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Lafayette County Drug Task Force.