Growth Energy continues its criticism of the House Science Subcommittee for not having a “Voice for American Ethanol” testify on behalf of America’s ethanol Industry during its Wednesday hearing.  Growth Energy dismissed the “chorus of critics” who used the Subcommittee’s hearing to protect their own special interests, – specifically Big Oil’s grip over the American motor fuels market.
Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says – we need serious discussion about a national energy policy, including domestically-produced alternatives like ethanol and next-generation biofuels. Instead, we are seeing special favors tossed like candy to Big Oil, which doesn’t need any more sweeteners considering the billions in taxpayer giveaways they’re already getting.
To set the record straight, Growth Energy issued the following points: 1/ The National Academy of Sciences study, which undermines cellulosic ethanol’s viability, has been refuted by its own authors.  2/ The oil industry enjoys more than a century of control over infrastructure to exert monopoly control over the market – depriving consumers of a choice at the pump, and eliminating competition; and 3/ Ethanol from cellulosic biomass and grain is still cleaner than conventional gasoline, and getting cleaner even as new sources of fossil fuels are being called into question for increasing emissions.