The House Subcommittee on Energy and Power held a hearing this week which focused on the challenges and opportunities for alternative transportation fuels and vehicles. In a letter written to the subcommittee, Growth Energy COO and President Jim Nussle wrote, – by providing for federal policies that incentivize the installation of flex fuel pumps at our gas stations and encourage the production of flex fuel vehicles, we can give the consumer a choice at the pump that doesn’t exist today: fueling your car with clean, inexpensive, home-grown fuel.
Today, fewer than four percent of the more than 248 million vehicles on the road are flex-fuel vehicles. Last year, Growth Energy proposed the Fueling Freedom plan that would encourage the manufacture and installation of Flex Fuel vehicles and Flex Fuel pumps across the country to give consumers greater access to mid- and high-level blends of ethanol.

NAFB News Service