TRENTON — In a matter of 8 days, 100 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported to the Grundy County Health Department for a total of 123 active as of Nov. 23. A health department timeline on its Facebook page illustrates the county’s total Covid cases erupted from 200 to 617 in the past 2 months. On its social media page, the health department urges, “Please do your part!”

Linn County Health Department is also sounding the alarm, reporting 13 county residents are hospitalized — three of those patients on ventilators.

“Hospital ICUs within our region are near maximum capacity and are experiencing shortages of critical care staff that are trained to take care of all the patients (from rural areas, like ours) that keep coming to their facility,” the release says. “We are quickly nearing the worst case scenario we were trying to avoid in April.”